Pupin Hall Pasupathy Lab Renovation

A newly renovated lab with forest green lab benches and cabinets. Three researchers are in the lab, working.

Photo: Alexander Severin

Facilities and Operations completed a renovation of the Pasupathy Lab in Pupin Hall 100 level.  The project includes the expansion of the existing laboratory on the 100 level, upgrade of a new area for the lab on the 200 level, and the renovation of office space on the 1300 level. The scope of work includes creating STM experimental chambers, the laboratory corridor, which serves as control space for the experiments inside the chambers, and the laboratory work area on the 100 level; mechanical and infrastructure support for the expanded laboratory and laboratory accessory use space on the 200 level; and a cosmetic refresh of rooms 1303 to 1313 which includes new flooring, painting, and a new sink.

This project was complete in January 2023.