About Us

Two groups within Facilities and Operations have responsibility for the majority of the planning, design and construction of new and renovated spaces at Columbia’s Morningside and Manhattanville campuses – Planning and Capital Project Management, and the Manhattanville Development Group.

Planning and Capital Project Management

All design and construction on the Morningside campus, Baker Athletics Complex and major construction projects at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory campus are directed by Capital Project Management.

The department consists of approximately 20 project managers with backgrounds in construction, architecture, and mechanical, electrical and civil engineering disciplines – many with specialties in green building and sustainability. These professionals oversee the budget, schedule, design, construction and regulatory compliance of all major construction projects on these campuses and are the main points of contact for University leadership, funding clients, end users, project stakeholders and outside contractors and consultants. 

The Planning division provides facilities planning and strategic analysis of space and space needs for all schools and departments at the Morningside, Manhattanville, Lamont-Doherty, Nevis and Baker Athletics Complex campuses.

The department is led by Edward McArthur, vice president, Capital Project Management.

Other key senior staff include the following:

  • Janet Grapengeter, director of Design and Compliance
  • Eugene Villalobos, executive director of Planning and Space Information

Manhattanville Development

Formed in 2006 to manage the design and construction of the 17-acre Manhattanville campus, the Manhattanville Development group directs all aspects of development, design, construction and project management of the University's new campus in the old Manhattanville manufacturing neighborhood of West Harlem, which will bring 6.8 million square feet of new academic facilities and many new public spaces.

Construction of the campus is underway and will continue to develop over the course of the next several decades. The Manhattanville Development Group consists of dedicated professionals from the fields of architecture, engineering and project management as well as administration.

Manhattanville Development is divided into the following groups:

  • Business/Client Services
  • Design Management
  • MEP/Technical Construction Services/Field Mitigation
  • Project Management
  • Special Development Projects

Key senior staff for Manhattanville Development include the following:

  • Hany Ayoub, deputy vice president
  • Denise Ferris, associate vice president, Design Management