Alumni Center

A wood-paneled lounge in use by two men reading magazines and a man and woman in the background having a conversation.

In 2009, McVickar Hall became the new home of Columbia's first Alumni Center, a dedicated space for the Office of Alumni and Development and Columbia College Alumni Affairs and Development. The renovations in included window, cornice and façade restorations, interior renovations, including the replacement of building systems, installations of new offices and work space, and zoned heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that constantly pipe in outside air.

About the Project

  • Certified as LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council (January 2011) 
  • Lighting that's designed to save 35 percent in energy consumption by using occupancy sensors that monitor motion and body temperature
  • Daylight harvesting that adjusts interior lights according to the amount of natural light coming through the building's large windows
  • Water filtration system and dual-flush, water-conserving toilets